Adolf Loos, Our Contemporary

This year we will be celebrating 100 years to the Loos House in Vienna. This seminar set about to trace the impact of Adolf Loos\’s writings and projects on architecture culture in the last hundred years. With this objective in mind we will be looking at the oeuvre of Ernesto Rogers, Alvaro siza, Also Rossi, Roberto Colova, Hermann Czech, Jose Paulo Dos Santos, Eduardo Souto de Mura, Herzog De Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, Steven Holl, Preston Scott Cohen and others. We will be using drawings, models and photographs in addition to everyday objects and details exemplify the issues and presenting a comparative panorama of the perennial effort to keep an equilibrium between external and internal life. We will begin our preparation for this seminar by a series of interviews with the protagonists. These will serve as one of the centers of consideration, which will accompany the seminar. We envisage as well a series of presentation on the culture of architecture in relation to his contemporary, such as Frank and Hoffmann and writers and philosophers in his circle such as Karl Kraus and Ludwig Wittgenstein.