Central Park Revisited

\”I\’m a city boy. In the big cities they\’ve set it up so you can go to a park and be in a miniature countryside, but in the countryside they don\’t have any patches of big city, so I get very homesick\”.Andy WarholSituated between 59th street and 110th streets in the heart of New York City; Central Park is the prototype vision of the metropolitan park as green machine. Described by Rem Koolhaas in Delirious New York as \”a taxidermic preservation of nature that exhibits forever the drama of culture outdistancing nature: a synthetic Arcadian carpet, grafted onto grid\”; it is now time to reconsider the validity of the parks\’ original intent. The Central Park Revisited studio will act as a laboratory to develop new ideas, programmes and concepts for the park in the 21st century. After forensic autopsy students are invited to produce a new manifesto for Central Park and select a site specific project to act as catalyst for change. The intent of the studio is to re-activate the park as cultural manifestation and provide expression of new emerging concepts of nature.