Environmental Histories, Archived Landscapes

The course explores design methodologies for evaluating archives as evidence of material, spatial, and cultural change in constructed landscapes. Because archives seek comprehensiveness (rather than the discretionary aims of a curated collection), they often contain undeclared evidence of the fleeting and sometimes unwelcome behaviors of living systems and human inhabitants in official accounts of technical lands. Through case studies, we will analyze scientific, technical, or commercial images for spatial configuration, compositional qualities, visual patterns, and cultural references; evaluate the relationship of media (film, glass plate photography, social media) to the subject matter; and document these findings through analytical and projective drawings. The case studies presented will focus on built infrastructure and design projects in North America, but students are to develop their own relevant subjects for independent research. This course is open to all disciplines.


Up to four seats will be held for MDes students.

This course will be taught online through Friday, February 4th.