Experiencing Blue-Green Infra

Instructor: Maria Jaakkola, landscape architect and visual artist, Loeb Fellow
Max Enrollment: 16
Date/Time: Jan 14 – 16/12 – 4 p.m.
Location: Gund L08 (Gropius Room)
Description: Would you like to think of greenways in Boston from the experiential point of view and come up with ideas with no constraints? Do you enjoy on-site sketching, taking photographs or making videos, or writing poetry – and discussing ideas, however crazy, with your peers? This workshop is a place to do so. We start with a site visit to Charles River and/or Emerald Necklace and try not to be intimidated by the Olmsted legacy, but to be more concerned with how it feels to be in those places right now, and what the little artist that resides in all of us could do with them to make them better. Do you even see where the whole jewel starts, is it easy to find? Do these places provide what you would want from a public open space in today\’s Boston or Cambridge? Let\’s think and imagine together and make it visible to each other.
To view a full course syllabus, please go here: http://staging.gsd.harvard.edu/images/content/6/2/v2/625772/Experiencing-blue-green-infra.pdf
Requirements: no prerequisites, only open and non-too-critical mind
Cost/Materials: bring your own sketching materials, notebook, pencils, markers, watercolors, cameras, voice recorders, whatever you like to use, both for onsite observation (first day) and for classroom workshop (second day)