Field Studies in Real Estate, Urban Planning and Design

Social Impact Investing and ESG in downtown Bellevue, WA and a Park-centric redevelopment of demolished Dallas shopping mall and adjoining properties

This field study course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the dynamics and complexities of real-world development challenges that create contemporary urban physical environments. The course emphasizes the integration of design and financial feasibility with development aspects of projects that respond to realistic market demand and political, environmental, and other regulatory constraints—how financial implications affect planning and design, and vice versa. The course is intended for real estate professionals, architects, urban planners, urban designers, and landscape architects to broaden their understanding of urban development issues and public-private development implementation strategies, as well as to improve their skills in design and financial analysis.  Students will select one of two field studies: Development of a 13.7 acre site in downtown Bellevue, WA adjacent to the transit station and bordering a rail-trail, or redevelopment of the 165 acre former Valley View Mall in North Dallas, TX to be anchored by a 10-20 acre central park.  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) will be a central theme of the class and ESG metrics will be applied to alternative design and development strategies.  Design and programming of a new central park will anchor the Dallas site as part of devising the optimal strategy for surrounding development at one of the most important intersections in Dallas.


Note: the instructor will offer online live course presentations on 08/26, and/or 08/27. To access the detailed schedule and Zoom links, please visit the Live Course Presentations Website.

Please note this course will meet online through 9/15.