In Search of the Engineer

Please note, this courses first meeting will be on Monday, February 4thCourse DescriptionIn recent examples of architecture, visions of architects are enhanced by innovative interventions of leading engineers. They engage in early stages of design process and a significant dialogue takes place between architects and engineers. With the rapid developments currently occurring in structural design, and in technology at large, a fascinating and interesting frontier in architecture takes place during collaborations with structural engineers.This course focuses on the intimate working of architects and engineers through 4 case studies that cover a broad spectrum of projects. Students will engage in early, as well as later, stages of the design. Through analytic and synthetic processes, interaction and role-playing, students will become members of the project team in its most critical design and engineering decisions and experience how and why the final product was shaped, as well as its possible alternatives.Each case study will last 6 sections, with the 1st one serving as the introduction of the project. Student projects will be assigned during the 2nd session and presented in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sessions. The 6th session will conclude the project. During the course, guest speakers such as the architects of the project will participate, either remotely or in class. Professor Spiro Pollalis will participate through video-conferencing in some of the sections.Case StudiesThe Phaeno Centre project, by Zaha Hadid, The Queen Mary Student Housing project by Fielden Clegg Bradley The Shires development is a city regeneration project, led by FOA, The Southern Ridges Bridge is a 250 m span pedestrian and cycle bridge designed in collaboration with IJP.