Innovation in Structure

In our recent examples of architecture, visions of architects are enhanced by innovative approaches in structures by leading engineers. They engage in early stages of design process and significant dialogue takes place between architects and engineers. The understanding of structures is evolving from static to dynamic; introduction of new and improved materials takes place hand in hand with evaluation and consultation with structural engineers. They observe forces that may not be visible from the surface and they analyze the performative characteristics of buildings. With the rapid developments currently occurring in structural design techniques, and in technology, one of the most fascinating and interesting frontiers in architecture takes place during collaborations with structural engineers. This course opens up a dialog up with this crucially important set of design engineers. Each year a number of well-known, or in some cases still emerging, set of engineers are invited to give a series of lectures on not only their work (often with well-known architects), but also on their own design ideas. Students will also explore some of the structural concepts presented via a series of project documentations directed towards a publication, and physical model building and testing exercises. This year the course will focus both on transformable (shape-changing) structures and on those with highly complex geometries.