Is the Grass Any Greener? Architectural Practice & Project Delivery Around the World

Conversations about how architectural practice is regulated, how architects do their work, and how construction projects are delivered are typically constrained by regional and national borders. Indeed, it is (perhaps unsurprisingly) easy for one’s understanding of architectural practice to be wholly shaped by the particularities of the place and culture within which they are living, studying and working. However, at a moment when so many received ways of doing things are breaking down and/or being questioned, what could be learned from how other nations and cultures approach the production of both architects and buildings? This seminar course will undertake a methodical, research-intensive study of practice and project delivery across six continents and multiple nations in search of the answer to a deceptively simple question: is there any better way?

Course Format
Lectures by course instructor and guests; in-class discussions; collaborative and individual research, presentations and projects.

Consistent class attendance and engagement; satisfactory participation in and completion of collaborative and individual projects including primary source research and interviews.

Students must have already taken PRO-7212 Foundations of Practice or an equivalent introductory professional practice course at another college or university.