Methods of Research in Art and Design: A Workshop-tutorial

Methods of Research is a workshop for the development of individual projects in art and design. There is no preset syllabus. Our readings, guests, and discussions will emerge from works-in-progress, and each student will maintain an archive of material relevant to their research. Students will be divided into several thematic laboratories. For example, those working with ideas of memory and monuments will comprise one group, those concerned with surveillance will comprise another, and those thinking about information technologies yet another. Each week will be lead by one laboratory, during which its members will share their work, analyze the other projects presented, and lead a conversation on material (or an invited guest) it has selected for the class. 

Methods of Research is open to all GSD programs and MDes concentrations. Students preparing for exhibition, publication, papers, and thesis are especially encouraged to join. Those interested should attend an introductory meeting and submit a brief statement of purpose.

?Note: the instructor will offer live course presentations on 01/19-01/21. To access the detailed schedule and Zoom links, please visit the Live Course Presentations Website. If you need assistance, please contact Estefanía Ibáñez