Practicing Landscape Architecture: Notes from the Field

Christopher Buccino and Ailyn Mendoza
Jan 16 and 17 (W,R) / 9-11:30
Have you mastered the theoretical geopolitical socioeconomic dimensions of praxis, but have no clue about the nuances of project implementation and the office environment? This class will provide an introduction to landscape architectural practice to facilitate your transition into this new mode of thinking and operation. The class is designed not only for students intending to work for landscape architects, but also for students who will interact with landscape architects in the professional realm. The topics and terminology covered in the course will also be beneficial for international students preparing for professional practice in the US.
Enrolled students will be asked to submit preliminary discussion question(s) and/or desired class topic(s) to the instructors, due Friday, January 11th.
Stalking the project (RFQ, RFP, Competition); Client interaction and project consultants; Design process and deliverables; Project management; Office dynamics and documentation; Project implementation and construction observation.
Class Format:
I: Lecture topic with case study material
II: Guest speaker
III: Class discussion