Printing Design, Designing Print

Instructors: Miranda Mote, MDes
Irene Chin, MDes
Lara Mehling, MLA I
Ted Ollier, Press Master, Bow and Arrow Press
Max Enrollment: 15
Date/Time: Jan 12–16/9 a.m. – 3 p.m., except Friday (1/16) 9 a.m. – 5p.m.
Location: Gund 505/Bow and Arrow Press
Description: Printing Design, Designing Print will introduce students to the process of print design and tangible mediums of print. It is designed for students with an interest in publication and print mediums. During the course we will cover the basics of layout design, editing, binding/book arts, and printing methods. Through presentations, discussions, workshops and hands-on exercises we will build up our skills for self-publication engaging both old and new techniques. The final project will allow students to assist in designing the cover graphic and text of a broadside for an archival letter that will be published as a special issue of Open Letters. The seminar will conclude with a one-day workshop at Bow & Arrow press, led by us and Ted Ollier, Harvard University artist in residence.
Day 1: Introduction to print design: layout design, examples of print mediums and self-publishing (cards, zines, posters, & letters); tutorial using a design problem
Day 2: Book-making: basic book-making techniques with folding & binding; reading, opening, and receiving printed material; design problem introduced
Day 3: Typography & Editing: instructor led presentation on typography and graphic editing and iterations; design problem review
Day 4: Printing on Paper: instructor led presentation on printing and production techniques; final design production and preparation for print; design problem critique
Day 5: Bow & Arrow Press Workshop: final production and printing of Open Letters Issue 21 broadside and student design projects
Designed Outcomes: Students will work together to design and print Open Letters Issue 21 as a broadside limited edition and typeset and print a small item of their own designed in class.
Requirements: no prerequisites, last day we will be working with inks and machines, so students must wear work clothes with NO loose scarves or jewelry
Cost/Materials: Laptop computer with Adobe Design Standard, materials for final printing will be provided by course
Cost/Materials: n/a