Projected Thinking: Representation in 2 and 3D

This workshop will be in three phases, each combining lecture presentations with hands-on studio work. The first phase will explore the effective use of cinematic techniques (both classic and experimental) in 3D visualizations. Students will learn montage, camera movement, and sound synchronization by making short digital films of their own. These first films all presuppose a two-dimensional screen. In the second phase, we will explore the possibilities of 2D projections onto 3D maquettes. This will be a more open-ended studio exploration, as students build small models in the workshop and then project digital films into and onto these constructed spaces. Additionally, lights and sound will be placed within this build environment. In the final phase, students will create a finished digital film documenting their constructions. They will also write a speculative paper exploring the possibilities seen during their class work.During the semester, guest lecturers from related fields (computer science, stage lighting, and architecture) will present their lines of research and practice.Pedagogic Objectives:Students will hone their critical thinking skills while exploring new means for creating art. They will gain a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between 2D and 3D representation.Completion Requirements:Attending all scheduled classes is mandatory. Criteria for final evaluation will be based on class participation, weekly assignments, a final project, and a final paper (10 pages).