Roman Water_Gate: A New Entrance for the Metropolitan Area of Rome

The city of Rome has planned the development of a new commercial port in the vicinity of Fiumicino, close to the International airport Leonardo da Vinci, the main Mediterranean hub. The realization of such infrastructure will cause a substantial transformation of the landscape of the Roman coastal area and will determine important changes in the dynamics of the surrounding territory.For Rome the new port offers the opportunity to re-capture the historical gates of the city via the sea, whilst for the urban area of Fiumicino the implementation of an infrastructure of such dimensions, at direct contact with the pre-existing urban fabric, will bring a significant transformation of the loci mainly via the new crossing flows.Any action at the territorial level must be seen as a direct intervention on the landscape, a construction of new landscapes, the implementation of a new infrastructure therefore represents an opportunity for development of the area and at the same time a chance to revalue a substantive part of the surrounding territory.The studio will focus the analysis on three different layers: MACRO_scale > water connection Rome-Airport-PortMIDI_scale > new coast lineMICRO_scale > local urban structureThe project will develop design ideas on the urban area of Fiumicino and its surroundings, investigating the effects that the realization of a new infrastructural system will have on the local pre-existing landscape in high-value historical areas.method of evaluation:PARTECIPATION IN THE STUDIO AND ATTENDANCE TO ITS REVIEWS ARE MANDATORY / EFFORT / CAPACITY TO TRANSLATE CONCEPT IN SPACE THROUGH A DESIGN PROCESS / ABILITY TO REPRESENT IDEAS THROUGH GRAFIC METHODS Approximate time expectation outside of class: SITE VISIT, September 18-26, 2010