Site Ecology and Plant Communities

DESCRIPTIONThe course focuses on selected issues of landscape architecture and ecology in the context of contemporary and historic projects in the greater Boston area.PEDAGOGIC OBJECTIVES1. Learn the application of selected principles that can be used to analyze sites and ecological systems.2. Gain familiarity with varied types of New England landscapes: native, urban, remnant, designed.3. Examine issues of human disturbance as influences on the health and maintenance of ecological systems.4. Engage issues and practices of landscape design and management, plant ecology, ecosystem management, conservation biology, landscape ecology, and restoration ecology.TIME COMMITMENT OF STUDENTThis is a graduate-level introductory immersion with lectures, site visits, and discussions. Many of the subjects addressed by instructors and visitors preview the focus of later, more advanced GSD courses. The course workload is minimal and will be completed before the fall term formally begins. Two units of credit are awarded.WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS COURSE?The course is introductory but is required. It is built on a series of linked subject areas both familiar and unfamiliar to students accomplished in the ecological sciences. Past students who have been technically waived of the requirement have participated so they encounter the field component and social aspects of this introduction. Transportation to sites is generally provided by the GSD (occasionally public transportation – bus or subway fares – may be required). For daylong trips, you are responsible to bring a bag lunch and any additional sustenance you require. Come prepared with comfortable footwear, raingear, sunhat, and long pants and shirts or insect repellant and sunscreen. Also bring a notepad and protective plastic bags (in case of rain). Schedule is as follows:31 August, Tuesday, 6 PM Orientation welcome and reception (casual)1 September, Wednesday, 9 AM First class meeting, room to be announced2 September, Thursday, Day 23 September, Friday, Day 3Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) No meeting7 September, Tuesday, Day 48 September, Wednesday, Day 59 September, Thursday, Day 6 Final meetingNOTE: Incoming MLA I AP students will also participate in the Ecological Site Analysis and Environmental Design Workshop from Friday 10 September through Sunday 12 September.