The Geometry of Emotion

Given where we are at this moment in history with the building type of a concert hall, are there new ways in which we can rethink this kind of program?Given all the acoustical and musical theories and latest technologies, what is it that is new and have many of these ideas really been explored? Surely if we work on these issues more carefully, can we start to emerge new creative directions on the subject?At the same time let\’s not forget that with more and more technology we cannot become divorced from the very thing that inspires music… our emotions?The intention of the studio is to bring together all these issues in a complex program and dense site for a new concert hall for the City of Paris, to be built between the Peripherique ring road and the site of Parc La Villettte.The studio will analyse the program to develop individual projects and finish with a complete building.The studio is only open to architecture students.