The Visual Landscape: Analysis and Management

The seminar meetings will occur on Monday afternoons in module 1 of the fall semester, with a paper due before Thanksgiving.Seminar reading and discussion, and demonstrations and experiments will include:- The visual landscape: why think about it? Can it be managed? Should it be managed? By whom?- Which \”landscape\”: real, visible, seen, perceived, remembered, or simulated? – Descriptive theories and methods: which aspects of landscapes are important? – Evaluative theories and methods: whose values? \”the expert\’s,\” \”the designer\’s,\” the client\’s? or the public\’s? – Control theories and methods: design, management, policy, and/or law?I am convinced that these issues are central to design in general. My objective, simply stated, is to expose these issues and the empirical research supporting them. I consider \”landscape\” to include ALL of the territory in which we live and what we see. I am particularly interested in preparing students to face the major visual quality issues and theoretical constructs within which their activities will be taking place.