Your Space

Virtually all of what we do as humans takes place within the space of architecture. The design of space is the defining claim of the architect. This claim is an illusive demand and distinguishing privilege ??? it is what most sustains the discipline. This personal search for the character and consequence of the spatial experience is what most sustains the virtuous architect. Arguably, at a moment when architects have become more and more dependent on technology as the generative resource for the form and calibration of architectural space, it is a good time to take a fresh look at how we design spaces, give them relevant meaning and make them places of beauty. One premise of this studio is that the design of architectural space is first necessitated by personal instinct, will and imagination and then facilitated through the use of present-day technologies.The studio will involve three exercises:- The first (re-memory) establishes a site. A place of memory, where at an early age something was learned about architecture – a spatial experience.- The second (De(i)con) defines a program through a close encounter with an object of close encounters – a chair.- The third (consolidate and (de)corate) will make whole and embellish the re-memory and the De(i)con. Among the requirements of each exercise (along with the prerequisite of personal instinct, will and imagination) are soul-searching, great leaps of faith, research, analysis, physical and digital modeling, computation, photography, welding, video and/or film production, revelations of taste and other acts of justifiable radical behavior.