Participation in at least one After MDes Workshop is a requirement for all 4-semester coursework students.

The After MDes Requirement is a non-credit degree milestone for the Four-Semester Coursework Track, intended to assist Four-Semester Coursework Track (non-Thesis) students in making the transition to their postgraduate goals. Established in an effort to support this cohort, the After MDes program provides access to career-oriented discussion sessions, lectures and workshops. These sessions may be one-on-one meetings or group events organized by area heads or research fellows, with a career focus. Topics may include career paths in fields represented by the MDes areas, resume/portfolio reviews, trainings in career-specific skills, workshops on academic publishing, or information sessions on doctoral programs, for example.

A list of approved After MDes workshops appears below, and is subject to change (additions).


  • Attendance at After MDes events must be verified and communicated to the ASP office.
  • The GSD Registrar will add a note to the transcript of each Four-Semester Coursework Track student that the “After MDes Requirement” has been met.

After MDes approved workshops, Spring 2020:

ARGUS training with the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board, February 8-9

Visualizing System Problems and Solutions with James Yamada, February 12, 19, and 26

The Art of Presentation: A Master Class in Presentation Skills with Nancy Houfek, February 21

Grant-Writing Workshop with Julia Smachylo, April 17