Established in 2014 by Elizabeth Kay Schodek, the Daniel L. Schodek Award for Technology and Sustainability honors the memory and legacy of Professor Daniel Schodek and the standards of excellence he established during his forty years of teaching and mentoring at the GSD. The award is given annually in recognition of the best Master in Design Studies thesis in the area of technology and sustainable design. Recipients of the Schodek prize are selected by the faculty program directors and area coordinators of the Master in Design Studies program.

Recent recipients include:

Kritika Kharbanda, MDes Energy and Environment
“Informed Residential Retrofits through THERO: Thermal Resiliency Evaluation Using OpenStudio-HPXML”

Indrajeet Haldar, MDes Technology
“On the Mathematics of Memetics”
Gabriella Perry, MDes Technology
“Croche-Matic – building a robot for crocheting 3D spherical form”

Joonhaeng Lee, MDes Technology
Spherical Deployable Shield for Robot Arm
Sunghwan Lim, MDes Energy and Environment
Controlling Wind Pressure around Building by Multiangle Ventilation Louver for Higher Natural Ventilation Potential

Xinzhu Chen, MDes Energy and Environment
A Solar‐Adaptive Energy Storing Window System

Pamela Lucia Cabrera Pardo, MDes Energy and Environment
“The Humid Threshold: Cooling hot, humid climates via membrane dehumidification”

Xiaoshi Wang, MDes Energy and Environment
“A New Method for CFD Prediction Using a Spatially Driven Approach”
Keith Hartwig, MDes Art, Design, and the Public Domain

Catty Dan Zhang, MDes Technology
“Fans: Constructed Invisibles”

Benjamin Peek, David Kennedy, and Jacob Mans, MDes Energy and Environments
“The Littleton Trials”
Zeina Koreitem, MDes Technology
“Projectors, Experiments in Image Tectonics”

Olga Mesa, MDes Technology

Ana Garcia Puyol, MDes Technology
“Mass Customization of Reciprocol Frame Structures: Digital Optimization and Robotic Manufacture”

Christian Ervin, MDes Technology

Marshall Prado, MDes Technology
“Building ‘Code’: A Spatial Ethology”