HAPI Webinar series: Gary Adamkiewicz, “Creating Evidence-based Healthy and Energy-Efficient Housing”

This webinar, presented by Harvard School of Public Health professor, Dr. Gary Adamkiewicz, will present findings from a ten-city housing study in China, in order to understand the key housing-based drivers of occupant health. The China, Children, Homes, and Health (CCHH) study will provide a unique and valuable evidence base, and provides a model for future studies of the linkages between urbanization and health.

The first phase of this study, conducted from 2010 through 2012, involved the completion of a cross-sectional questionnaire survey of nearly 50,000 families with children aged 1-8 years. This session will also elaborate on best practices to reduce indoor environmental exposures in newly-constructed residences; selection of materials which minimizes exposure to key pollutants including known and suspected endocrine disruptors; and the creation of a model of future energy demands for residences in Chinese cities based on anticipated climatic change. Click here for more information about this webinar.

This webinar is presented as part of the Health and Places Initiative (HAPI), a joint project of the Harvard Graduate School of Design (HGSD) and the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) to create a forum for understanding the multiple issues that face cities in light of rapid urbanization and an aging population worldwide.

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