GSD Talks: Knoll Studio: Florian Idenburg and Benjamin Pardo on the Future of Work

This event will celebrate the launch of a studio report documenting the investigations and projects of Work Environments 1: Campus and Event. Work Environments is a three studio series at Harvard GSD, sponsored by the furniture company Knoll, to examine through research and design the disruptive transformations that occur globally in environments where work takes place. Given the unique position of the office to register changes within society and to actively reshape traditional hierarchies, tomorrow’s workplace must arrive with a clear attitude and outlook. The studio series seeks to explicate existing cultural trends and perspectives, using this knowledge to speculate on future scenarios and potential responses within the worksphere. Benjamin Pardo, director of design at Knoll, and Florian Idenburg, associate professor in practice of architecture, will analyze radical shifts in the workspace, discussing the state of today’s office environments and speculating on the potential challenges and transformations that will affect them in the near future. The conversation will reexamine the first edition of this studio series, Work Environments 1: Campus and Event, looking at the work produced, with its focus on the nomadic worker and the would be corporate utopia, as well as debating the questions that emerged from the students’ research and scenarios.

Principal Speaker: 2072

Additional Speakers:

and Benjamin Prado (Knoll)

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