LatinGSD Lecture: Albert Tidy

Unlike what happens in more developed countries, the Latin American practices deal with an atmosphere of relative freedom, in which in most cases, an architect gets empowered to officially practice right after the day when he finishes his undergraduate training . In addition, Latin America has seen in the last twenty years, the appearance of new factors like free access to information, an increasing openness to a more global community, the return of democracy, and an emergent political and economic stability in developing countries of the region. These new conditions in addition to the dematerialization of production modes inherent to pre – digital architectural practices, allows for the appereance of a fresher design scene, more informed, more diverse and more inclusive.

Being free from neo – folkcloric agendas and regionalistic dogma, identity does not presents today as a preoccupation and much less as an aesthetic value. The recent Latin American architecture is the result, of having at one hand a creative thoughtfulness grown to deal with the adversity of an environment that lacks of resources, and on the other of the response to early opportunities associated with the possibility of experimentation.

Latin American architecture today is so contrasting and contradictory as the sociocultural landscape in which is contextualized. The examples range from luxurious private homes to innovative social housing projects, from public libraries and schools to vineyards and private universities, from public parks to exclusive spas and sports centers and boutique hotels.

The work of Tidy Architects unfolds within this complex scenario delineating a path of successes and failures.

Albert Tidy is an architect and Associate Professor at Universidad de Chile (1992). He holds a Master of Architecture from Yale University (1998) that he recieved as Fulbright scholar while supported by the Chilean Goverment. He has been director of the School of Architecture at Universidad de Chile and he is currently the Dean and founding member ofthe School of Architecture at the Universidad San Sebastián. He has been visiting professor at several Chilean universities and has widely lectured at local and foreign institutions. His work has been published in Asia, America, and Europe, and has been exhibited in France, Japan, Brazil, and the Biennials of Chile, Quito, Iberoamericana, and Venice. Local media highlighted him as one of “100 Emerging Leaders of the Country” in 2001, then in 2003 as one of the “35 Most Enterprising Young Men”, and then in 2005 as one of the “50 Chilean Consecrated Leaders”.

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