A Giant Among Us

Text by Yueyan Li (MArch ’21) and Son Vu (MArch ’21), winners of the 2019 Clifford Wong Prize in Housing It is hard to get in and out of Somerville, and true public spaces are few and far between. Though several nodes do exist,…

exhibition dates: JAN 14 – MAR 1, 2020



“Grayscale” is based on an architecture thesis by Khoa Vu (MArch ’19) of the same title. Thesis advisor: Preston Scott Cohen Grayscale is a term used in computation to describe the range of gray shades from white to black. As a framework for design,…

exhibition dates: OCT 28 – DEC 20, 2019


Now Arriving: A Transit Landscape for Manhattan

“Now Arriving: A Transit Landscape for Manhattan” presents the work of the eponymous Fall 2018 option studio, led by Gary Hilderbrand—the third in a series examining technological, operational, and spatial changes to mobility and public realm patterns in Manhattan. This studio and exhibition…

exhibition dates: APR 1 – MAY 17, 2019

Gary R. Hilderbrand, Curator


New Student Fellowships @ the GSD

Through the Grounded Visionaries campaign, the GSD endowed 25 new fellowships—an increase of 60 percent. We are very grateful to the many individuals, corporations, and foundations that have stepped up to support financial aid for students. These fellowships help broaden the diversity of the…

exhibition dates: NOV 1 – DEC 20, 2018


Inside Architecture

Organized by artist Luisa Lambri, with Mark Lee, Chair of the Department of Architecture and Professor in Practice of Architecture. Based on a workshop conducted by artist Luisa Lambri in January 2018, this exhibition features students’ photographs of the interior of Harvard University’s Carpenter Center designed by Le Corbusier. The project…

exhibition dates: AUG 31 – OCT 14, 2018


Inhabiting the Limbo

By Zahra Safaverdi (MArch ’17), Irving Innovation Fellow.  In recent history, the distinction between the product of imagination, the physical manifestation of the image, and that which belongs to the reality of quotidian life is clear. This clarity and emphasis on keeping the realm of the…

exhibition dates: MAR 12 – MAY 11, 2018

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