This award is given to students who have presented exemplary thesis work in Landscape Architecture.

Recent recipients include:

22-23 Celina Abba (MLA I AP) & Enrique Cavelier (MLA I AP) [joint thesis], Sonia Ralson Sobrino (MLA I AP), Kevin Robishaw (MLA I)
21-22 Lucy Humphreys Chebot (MLA I) & Liwei Shen (MLA I)
20-21 Joanne Li (MLA I) & Gracie Villa (MLA I)
19-20 Chelsea Kilburn (MLA I AP)
18-19 Emily Hicks (MLA I) & Melody Stein (MLA I) [joint thesis]
17-18 Ernest Haines (MLA I)
17-18 Seok Min Yeo (MLA I AP)

For deadline and submission information, please visit GSD Now.