Urbanismo ecológico en/na América Latina

Cover of Urbanismo ecolócico en/na América Latina

“Ecological urbanism is an initiative of the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University that understands the project as a synthesis capable of connecting ecology and urbanism. The initiative tries to reveal imaginative and practical methods to address climate change and sustainability in the urban environment, understanding ecology as an ethical and political project that encompasses the environment, not only as a physical reality, but also from social relations and human subjectivity. ”

In 2014, the first volume of Ecological Urbanism was published in Spanish and Portuguese , a compilation of the texts that emerged from this line of research and urban action of the famous American university. The appearance of this volume gave rise to a series of meetings and debates in various Latin American countries and to the set of essays and works that are now collected in Ecological Urbanism in Latin America. This new volume, edited by Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty, Marina Correia, Ana María Durán Calisto and Luis Valenzuela, presents the complex and multifaceted reality of Latin America based on seven thematic axes — anticipating, collaborating, feeling, including, mobilizing, curating , adapt— that dialogue with the original publication and explore new interpretations.

Parks, river systems, chinampas, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, educational infrastructures, mobility, agroecology, Diana Wiesner, Elemental, Ermínia Maricato, Tomás Saraceno, Solano Benítez, Guilherme Wisnik, Teresa Moller, Carla Juaçaba … Multiplicity of cases and views contribute an exceptional overview for the debate on the urban and the political in the light of ecology and sustainability.

Edited by Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty, Marina Correia,  Ana María Durán Calisto, and Luis Valenzuela.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, October 2019