GSD Building Services provides custodial support for academic courses and administrative meetings.

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Custodial Staff

Day Shift

Pedro Vidinha – Site Supervisor

Huberto Tejada (Crew Chief) – Gund Lobby & Events

Ruddy Gonzalez – Gund 2nd and 5th Floors

Argenis Brea – Gund Main Lobby AM/7 Sumner after 5 PM

Night Shift

Ryan Ramos – Site Supervisor

Edgar Juarez (Crew Chief) – Gund Lobby & Events


Custodial Policy and Rates 2023-2024:

The current rate for Custodial Services is $59/hour with a 2-hour minimum ($118) for all public and GSD events that are hosted in multi-purpose rooms, which include Piper, Stubbins, Portico Rooms, Loeb Library Lobby, Druker Design Gallery, Chauhaus or any exterior space. A 4-hour minimum may be imposed when the event is one or more of the following; after 3 PM, a reception, sit down meal, uses more than one room, involves catering staff, or is held on heavy academic support days. Events that request a dedicated custodian will have a 4-hour minimum ($236.00*).   Lastly, for large-scale events with 100+ attendees or any weekend event, custodial coverage will be charged for the duration of the event plus 2 hours of set-up and 2 hours of breakdown. The numbers of custodians needed for the event will be determined by Building Services or by the formula of (1) custodian for every 100 attendees.

Holiday hours are 2.5 times the standard rate with a 4-hour minimum. Custodians will be given any instructions listed in SERT by the Building Services Office so it is important to be as detailed as possible in your room requests.  *Please note that an estimate of charges will be given when making requests.  Due to overtime or more time needed for clean up this cost could go and will be communicated to the event requestor.

Building Services reserves the right to charge Custodial Fees due to misuse of space or policies that result in custodial staff being unable to accomplish their regularly scheduled shift work.

Billing & Payment

Harvard Departments: should provide a 33-digit billing code when requesting services and will be charged after the work has been completed.

Student Groups: must secure funding in advance from Student Forum for custodial services.  Email Erica George, the Coordinator of Student Activities and Outreach at [email protected] indicating the event date and anticipated cost of the service.  Once approved, an invoice will be emailed directly to the Coordinator of Student Activities and Outreach from Building Services within 30 days of the event.  Checks made out to “President and Fellows of Harvard College” will be sent to the Coordinator of Student Activities and Outreach within 30 days of invoice date.

Individuals and Outside Organizations:   An invoice will be emailed from Building Services within 30 days of event.  A check payable to “President and Fellows of Harvard College” must be received within 30 days of invoice date.   If a check is not received within 30 days the sponsoring department or faculty member is responsible for all charges.

Contact for Invoices:  Building Services, [email protected] or 617-496-1243

Harvard Custodial Team
Harvard Custodial Team