Students, Staff and full-time Faculty are given access to  Microsoft 365; a cloud-based email and collaboration service.   The service includes email, calendar, file storage and Microsoft Office.  Harvard’s access portal is located at  Login to “Office 365 for Harvard” with your HarvardKey Credentials.  Take a look at our Configuration Guides if you would like to connect to your mailbox from a mobile phone.  Contact the GSD Help Desk with questions.

What happens when I leave Harvard?

Your O365 access is terminated when you no longer have an active role at Harvard.  For Faculty and Staff this happens fairly abruptly, students however are given a 365 day grace period following graduation.  Visit the following knowledgebase article Prepare to Leave Harvard to learn more.

Mailing Lists

You are automatically subscribed to an official mailing list which is used by the administration to communicate important messages. Please contact the Help Desk if you suspect that you’re not receiving announcements.  Fellow-students is an ‘unofficial’ mailing list that students can post and respond to. Fellow-Students is a GSD Student Forum initiative and GSD Students will be automatically subscribed at the start of each school year with the option of opting out at any time.

EMail Security and Privacy

In general, EMail is a potentially insecure medium, and should not be used for the transmittal of confidential information, or any message you would not wish to see posted on a public bulletin board or accidentally sent to the wrong person (this latter happens regularly!)