Student groups are an essential part of life at the GSD, supporting both the academic inquiry and social community of the school. Student groups at the GSD tend to fall in several broad and overlapping categories. Some groups are based around a shared identity, culture, or religion. Some are organized around interest in a particular topic area, geographic region, or country. And some are focused on socializing, wellness, and other shared activities. Participating in student groups is a great way to both connect with like-minded peers and shape the public life of the school. Student groups are supported financially through the Student Activities Fee and subject to review by both the GSD Student Forum and the Office of Student Affairs.

How to Access the Student Group Directory

The official Student Group Directory has moved to Engage, our new student activities hub. Check the Student Group Directory on Engage for the most up-to-date information about groups, including leadership, contact information, and upcoming events. Note that while all Engage group profiles are public, some information and events will only be visible to logged in Harvard community members.