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As you manage work and whatever caregiving responsibilities you may have — whether for young children, elders, other adults, and even yourself — you are probably making complex calculations about safety. If you feel it is right for you and your family, and you choose to hire an in-home caregiver beyond your own personal network, you may want to look at Harvard’s WATCH portal, which is a Harvard-only site listing Harvard parents and Harvard caregivers. Subsidized in-home back-up care through Care@Work is also available, although their pool of caregivers is under high demand. As you decide, please read about what Care@Work offers and how they are approaching safety in the context of coronavirus. And remember: pre-registration is required to use any of their programs.

The SOURCE program is a separate, small subsidy available to employees earning under $75K FTE to help reimburse back-up care expenses (for a child or adult dependents) and for self care. The process is straightforward: you pay someone from your personal network or any of the resources described above. Then you and they complete the pdf claim form and send it to the Office of Work/Life. No printer at home? No problem; just use a digital signature on the pdf.

The Office of Human Resources provides a full range of personnel and career development services to approximately 155 Design School staff members.

These services include information about university and union policies and procedures; benefits; compensation; staff and labor relations; training and development; affirmative action; and maintenance of personnel records and payroll.

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