The Landscape Architecture program offers students with prior experience the opportunity to pursue waivers and substitutions for various required courses.

It is a student’s responsibility to pursue exemptions in a timely manner.

If you believe you have already taken coursework that might qualify you to exempt out of any other required courses, you must submit a petition and supporting documentation. Waivers are reviewed and approved by the course instructor and also by the Program Director.

Note: Waiving a course does not reduce the total number of units required for graduation.


Beginning summer 2019 there is a formal online process to request a waiver from a required course. Please reach out to the Landscape Department Program Coordinator to request the link to the online petition forms.



If a course is waived, the instructor of record in consultation with the program director and the student will determine if a substitution will be will required, and which class will satisfy the substituted requirement. If a substitution is not required then the student may choose a free elective.

Petition to Substitute Alternate Course for a Distributional Elective