Any scholarship or grant award offered from a source other than Harvard University is referred to as an outside scholarship. We have compiled a list of some of the outside scholarship sites and suggestions of which we are aware. These awards may be used to cover tuition and/or fees for enrolled or admitted students.

Scholarships for US citizens and eligible non-citizens

Scholarships for international students

Because our list is by no means exhaustive, we encourage any interested students to be creative when searching for scholarships. Extensive web research and library resources may offer other possibilities. Questions regarding scholarship eligibility, status, and other such logistical questions should be directed to the organization sponsoring the award.

Scholarship Search Engines

The following websites function as search engines for various types of outside awards. Please be aware that some of these sites may ask questions, mainly for marketing strategies. We do not necessarily endorse all of these sites, but we want to make them available to students. While they may aid in your search, it is possible to get similar results from perusing the web on your own.

U.S. Department of Education
Search engine that requires no marketing information and access to many funding opportunities.

College Board
Moderate amount of marketing material required to access database.

Requires an extensive amount of marketing and log-on information in order to access the database