Our security program includes: key access protocols, uniformed security, card access, lighting, vendor screening, trespass notices at main entrances, HUPD, and Building Services strategic and day-to-day role.

Emergency Numbers:


HUPD (617) 495-1212

Securitas Security Inc. is the security provider for the GSD.
The school is staffed by a security guard 24/7 during the Academic Year and Summer Term.

GSD On-Site Security: 617-874-6954

During non-business hours access to Gund Hall is limited to GSD students, faculty and staff with current identification. Faculty, staff and students may bring a visitor into the GSD during non-business hours. Visitors not accompanied by faculty, staff or students shall be limited to the library, Piper Auditorium and the exhibit area in the lobby.

During the summer the GSD closes for students at 12AM.

The GSD uses a card access system on the three main exterior doors of Gund Hall and the main entrance of 7 Sumner Road. These card access units allow any current GSD student, faculty or staff member to gain access to Gund Hall 24 hours a day, and staff, faculty and students housed at 7 Sumner Road access to this building 24 hours a day (Note: In the summer, faculty and staff can access the GSD 24 hours a day but student IDs will only allow entry until 12AM).  Individuals use their valid Havard ID cards to gain access.

Emergency Contact Information
On-Site GSD Security Guard (617) 874-6954
Roving Areaa Security Supervisor: (617) 496-9370
Harvard University Police Department
Emergencies: (617) 495-1212
Non-Emergencies: (617) 495-1215