Reward & Recognition Committee

The purpose of the GSD Reward and Recognition Committee is to recognize employee excellence at the Graduate School of Design. The Committee selects monthly Applause Award winners and annual Deans Award winners from nominations submitted by GSD staff.

Applause Award

The Applause Award is a monthly award given to one staff member or a team. Winners of the Applause Award receive a $100 bonus.

Nomination Forms



Dean's Award for Employee Excellence / Harvard Heroes

The Dean's Award is an annual award given to one employee or a group of employees who have displayed outstanding initiative, leadership, and commitment to quality or has performed above their job description. The winner of the Dean's Award receives $1,000 and two extra vacation days.

Dean's Award Nomination Form

Past Dean's Award Winners

Harvard Heroes Recognition Criteria

Service Milestone Recognition

Faculty and staff  celebrating anniversaries will receive a special message of thanks and congratulations, as well as a choice of gifts during their anniversary month.

Visit the University's Employee Recognition page to learn more.

Reward & Recognition Committee Members

  • Hal Gould, Computer Resources
  • Tim Hoffman, Faculty Planning
  • Lisa Plosker, Human Resources (ex-officio)
  • Pilar Raynor Jordan, Academic Finance
  • Rachel Vroman, Digital Fabrication Lab

Staff & Community Committee

The purpose of the GSD Staff and Community Committee is to make the Graduate School of Design a great place to work by building a sense of camaraderie among staff and by providing different opportunities to improve GSD staff members’ experience.

The Committee sponsors exhibit tours in the Gund Lobby as well as co-hosts events throughout the year including the annual GSD summer picnic, a pot luck lunch/staff bake-off contest, and a welcome back New Year’s breakfast!

Staff & Community Committee Members

  • Jeffrey Fitton, Center for Green Buildings & Cities
  • Angela Flynn, Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Nicole Freeman, Development
  • Ryanne Hammerl, Student Services
  • Will Jenkins, Building Services
  • Michelle Muliro, Human Resources
  • Lisa Plosker, Human Resources

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