Design Now Podcast, Episode 4: Designing a way out of the housing crisis

Design Now Episode 3 Social Justice Graphic

Does America need a new vision of the ideal home? In episode four of “Design Now” podcast, we discuss the limitations of the single-family home as a model for the future of housing, and meet people who recognize the fundamental role of residential design in creating a more equitable and climate-resilient future.

Among the issues on the table are the legacy of urban zoning, historic disparities in homeownership, and the financial systems that shaped residential neighborhoods. Looking to the future, we discuss multigenerational living and the changing shape of the family unit, and look to Singapore for inspiration.

Featuring: Alexander von Hoffman, Marc Norman, John Rahaim, Jennifer Molinsky


DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded in May, 2022. The guests’ titles and their affiliation to the school were accurate at the time of recording.

Show Notes


The show is produced by Maggie Janik and hosted by Harriet Fitch Little. For inquiries or to be featured on an upcoming episode, email [email protected].