Design Now Podcast, Episode 5: The future of library design

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Designers and architects spend their time thinking about how to fit the form of a building to its function. So what happens when that function changes? In this episode of Design Now, we discuss designing libraries for a world in which books are often accessed remotely and knowledge sought via search engines rather than librarians. Francine Houben, John Ronan, and Joshua Ramus have all built acclaimed libraries—including the New York Public Library, the Independence Library and Apartments in Chicago, and the Seattle Central Library, respectively. Listen as they share their expertise on topics including the function of a library as a public space, the role of grandeur in their design, and the perennial question of how to plan for a space whose function will almost certainly evolve in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Featuring: Francine Houben, Joshua Ramus (March ’96), John Ronan (MArch ’91)


Show Notes


The show is produced by Maggie Janik and hosted by Harriet Fitch Little. For inquiries or to be featured on an upcoming episode, email [email protected].