GSD Grant

Grants (sometimes referred to as scholarships or fellowships) are financial awards given to a student to help defray the cost of their education. These awards do not need to be repaid.  The majority of the grant aid offered by the GSD is need-based.  Aside from need, eligibility for some awards may also be determined based on others factors including academic program, merit and fund availability.  The GSD also offers merit grant funding, which is based on the strength of an application for admission.

All financial aid at the GSD is administered by the Financial Aid Office.

Harvard University Grant

Harvard University’s Committee on General Scholarships administers a number of need-based funds that may be used to help pay for attendance at Harvard, as well as for travel/study opportunities.  All students are encouraged to review these opportunities. Many of these funds are available to the Harvard student community at large, and have very specific selection criteria.  Unless otherwise specified, interested applicants should apply through the Financial Aid Office at the GSD.

Outside Grants and Scholarships

The GSD maintains a collection of grants and scholarships that are offered by organizations, and may be of use to our students for paying for school. Those interested should apply directly to the offering institution.  Any outside awards received by GSD students must be reported to the GSD Financial Aid Office.

Other Opportunities (not financial aid)

There are also several GSD webpages for Fellowships, Prize and Travel Programs.  Most of those are options for current students, and are offered in the form of prizes, such as monetary or recognition, or opportunities to work or travel. Opportunities in this category are usually not resources for paying a student’s cost of attendance.