Photos of faces aid in identification and search, and help build human relationships.

GSD faculty and staff are encouraged to provide their photo for web directory purposes but are free to ‘opt-out’ for valid concerns. Please check with your supervisor about departmental policies.


If provided, your Web Profile Photo (‘headshot’) will be displayed next to your name in various places on the GSD website, most notably the Staff Directory and Faculty Directory, as helpful information for colleagues and visitors.

Guidelines for Web Profile Photos

The GSD’s guidelines for Web Profile Photos photos are similar to those for Harvard ID Photos:

  • Color photo;
  • JPG or PNG  format;
  • ~ 350 x 350 pixels;
  • File  Size < 500 KB
  • Front view, Center full face in the frame, Eyes open and visible;
  • Light background; Good lighting; No strong glare or deep shadows
  • No other people or objects in the photo
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No clothing obscuring the face
  • Crop from just above head to the collarbone

Your headshot may be rejected if it does not conform to these guidelines.

A typical passport photo will suffice. The GSD may occasionally provide a photographer for a brief photo session for these purposes. The Office of Communications will provide more information when these opportunities arise.

Your GSD Web Profile Photo is NOT THE SAME as your Harvard ID Photo, and the processes for managing them are different and unrelated. You may choose to use your Harvard ID Photo as your GSD Web Profile Photo, but changing one will have no effect on the other. (For information on your Harvard ID Photo, including a form to request a digital copy you can use for your GSD Web Profile Photo, see Campus Services website.)

To Submit or Change your Web Profile Photo:

Please upload your preferred profile photograph to via our Request Update to Profile Photo Form

For questions about or to change other information about yourself on the GSD web, please contact GSD Human Resources.

Any questions or complications contact the GSD’s Web Team, and they will direct you to the correct resource.