Students enrolled in the Master in Urban Planning (MUP) program can apply for a concurrent degree at the GSD or a joint degree with certain other Harvard schools (HKS, HLS, HSPH). The minimum full-time residency for obtaining concurrent degrees is one academic year more than the residency requirement of the longer of the two programs. Current students admitted to a second program must, upon admission to the second program, contact the relevant program coordinators to work out an approved plan of study.

Concurrent Degrees

Popular MUP concurrent degrees include:
Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA)
Master in Architecture (MArch)
Master in Urban Design (MAUD/MLAUD)

For general information and policies regarding concurrent degrees, visit the GSD Registrar’s page on degree requirements policies. MUP’s interested in applying to a concurrent degree program should schedule a meeting with their Program Coordinator.

Joint Degrees

Joint degree programs include:
Public Policy and Urban Planning
Public Administration and Urban Planning
Law and Urban Planning
Public Health and Urban Planning