A Research Assistant (RA) carries out qualitative and quantitative research on topics as assigned by the supervisor. 

Research Assistant Responsibilities

Research Assistants may find, analyze, and summarize data at the direction of the supervisor, conduct background research, and research/write summaries and other documentation as it pertains to the research and as directed. The RA may be asked to maintain data catalogues, spreadsheets, and other variations of databases and files, and ensure that other team members are following conventions for file naming, storage, etc., and consider current and future data and technology needs. The RA will collaborate with other team members as needed and as directed by the supervisor. 

Research Assistant Compensation 

As of July 1, 2020, Research Assistants are paid $20.00/hour and upward for graduate students. 

Hourly rates for the same type of job with the same level of experience must be paid at comparable rates across GSD, and a work-study student cannot be paid more than a non-work study student for the same type of job. 

RAs conduct research on a specific research account and cannot be paid with funds from a course budget.  

Hiring for Students 

Students seeking employment at the GSD should familiarize themselves with the GSD Student Payroll procedures.  

If you are looking for a research assistant opportunity, there are several approaches: 

Contact an instructor to make a direct inquiry about the possibility of serving as a research assistant. Instructors may also advertise a research assistant position through the Office of Career Services, through the student-announce listserv or through their academic department if they are seeking an RA from a specific program. 

Students can work a maximum number of 20 hours/week in total, inclusive of all jobs combined at the University when classes are in session, and 40 hours/week in total during breaks. Students should not be incurring overtime pay. 

Hiring for Faculty 

Go to Hiring Students: Information for Facultypage.