Student employment is reserved for full-time enrolled students of the Graduate School of Design and Harvard University.  Any enrolled student who is less than full-time should consult their payroll coordinator to verify employment eligibility.  Students on leave are not considered enrolled students and are therefore not eligible for student employment at the GSD.  International students should consult the Harvard International Office website for information about working in the U.S.

Getting Started

Harvard-wide roles can be viewed at the Student Employment Office.

GSD roles are posted in CREATE as they become available, including teaching roles for the Early Design Education Design Discovery and Black in Design programs. Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant roles are typically advertised in August/September for the fall term and January/February for the spring term.

Find campus-wide TA/RA roles on the Centralized Application for Teaching Section (CATS).

Incoming students will have access to CREATE in mid-August.

Types of Student Employment

The GSD offers many different types of student employment opportunities. The following jobs are included in the bargaining unit of the HGSU (Harvard Graduate Students Union) as instructional or research positions. More information on responsibilities, pay rates, and hiring policies can be found on these pages: 

Other Student Employment Options (Non-Union) at the GSD:

Teaching Opportunities for English for Design Course (Doctoral Students Only):

Each year, a small group of international students admitted to the GSD will be required to take a course focused on improving their comfort with the English language with an emphasis on design discourse at the GSD. Opportunities exist for doctoral-level students to assist in running the discussion sessions of this custom program.