Other courses of interest to Master in Real Estate students and offered currently or recently by the GSD include the following:

For a detailed description of each elective, please view the Course Catalog.

SES-5201 Urban Politics, Planning, and Development
SES-5206 Land Use and Environmental Law
SES-5210 Cities by Design
SES-5212 Field Studies in Real Estate, Urban Planning and Design
SES-5215 Analytic Methods of Urban Planning: Quantitative
SES-5216 Analytic Methods of Urban Planning: Qualitative
SES-5276 Building and Leading Real Estate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship
SES-5326 Housing and Urbanization in the United States
SES-5337 Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities
SES-5367 U.S. Housing Markets, Problems, and Policies
SES-5370 Environment, Economics, and Enterprise
SES-5375 Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Problems
SES-5380 Experimental Infrastructures
SES-5381 Urban Design and the Color-Line
SES-5382 Making Participation Relevant to Design
SES-5383 Developing for Social Impact
SES-5393 Local Government Solutions to America’s Affordable Rental Housing Challenge
SES-5395 Planning for Climate Change
SES-5397 Cities and the Informal Economy: Rethinking Development, Urban Design and Planning
SES-5397 Cities and the Urban Informal Economy: Rethinking Development, Urban Design and Planning
SES-5405 Global Leadership in Real Estate and Design
SES-5409 Climate Justice
SES-5420 Urban Design for Planners
SES-5433 Modern Housing and Urban Districts: Concepts, Cases and Comparisons
SES-5435 Land Policy and Planning for Equitable and Fiscally Healthy Communities
SES-5437 Transportation Economics and Finance
SES-5438 Designer Developer
SES-5440 Public Finance for Planners: Creating Equitable and Sustainable Communities
SES-5442 New Towns and Affordable Housing Development in Africa
SES-5486 The Gentrification Debates: Perceptions and Realities of Neighborhood Change
SES-5490 Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Finance, and Management
SES-5497 Public Space
SES-5502 Urban Governance and the Politics of Planning in the Global South
ADV-9127 Real Estate and City Making in China
DES-3333 Culture, Conservation and Design
DES-3336 Landscape Fieldwork: People, Politics, Practices
HIS-4115 Histories and Theories of Urban Interventions
HIS-4374 Cities, Infrastructures, and Politics: From Renaissance to Smart Technologies
HIS-4479 Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment
PRO-7449 and PRO-7450 Real Estate Private Equity
SCI-6121 Environmental Systems 1
SCI-6122 Environmental Systems 2
SCI-6125 Building Simulation
SCI-6361 Health and Buildings
VIS-2128 Spatial Analysis

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