The Racial Equity and Anti-Racism (REA) Fund serves as one action of a holistic approach to institutional transformation. Continue browsing to learn more about how past REA Fund recipients worked to transform the GSD and design field as a whole.

Spring 2023 REA Fund Recpients

"Critical Mas" Exhibition

Gabriel Soomar, MArch II/MDes Student

“Critical Mas” is an exhibition that celebrates spatial-cultural tropes of the Caribbean imaginary and is part of an ongoing body of research that uses Trinidad’s Carnival to investigate diasporic legacies.

"IN/IN" Int'l Intersectional Feminism Event

Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio, Ph.D. Candidate

Natalia Dopazo and Haewon Ma, Loeb Fellows ’23

“IN/IN” is an event created by students in partnership with the Loeb Library that explored the intersections among feminism, gender, race, and design. More than 120 titles have been highlighted to bring attention to diverse international perspectives.

Highlighting Indigenous Creatives

Ana Maria Duran Calisto, UPD Faculty

Amazonian creatives were virtually invited to participate in a symbiosis of workshops and cultural/creative exchanges in a classroom setting.

Strategic Surveying and Data Collection of Land Cession Treaties (U.S. Gov’t & Native Americans)

Andrew Witt, Arch Faculty

This project is an independent land survey aimed  to create a visual and descriptive dataset of the maps used in land cession treaties between the U.S. government and Native American tribes between 1777 and 1870 to contribute to open data sets.

Abolitionist Planning UPD Workshops

Jessica Shakesprere, UPD Student

This initiative consisted of two workshops conducted by faculty from UCLA’s student-led “Planning Abolitionist Futures.” The Planning Abolitionist Futures team is working in partnership with Design as Protest (DAP) to examine planning’s role in perpetuating carceral logic.

Past Recipients