Max Kuo

Lecturer in Architecture

Max Kuo is a founding partner of the design collaborative, ALLTHATISSOLID, with offices in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.  His office is a platform for architectural design, fabrication, and speculation with projects executed in U.S., China, Korea, and Malaysia. These projects leverage urban and ecological processes in order to innovate within and beyond existing building typologies. This exploration involves an iterative design process leveraging digital techniques so that tectonic assemblage and material specification achieve a diversity of architectural qualities. These qualities aspire to enhance architecture’s role as an actor enabling new social and aesthetic relations among the urban milieu.

Max Kuo received his Master of Architecture from UCLA’s Architecture and Urban Design program in 2008 where he received the Welton Beckett Fellowship. He has worked in leading architecture offices including Reiser + Umemoto, FR-EE/Fernando Romero, and George Yu Architects. From 2010-2013, Max taught design studios and seminars as an Assistant Professor at Soongsil University, and as lecturer at Korea and Konkuk Universities. In Seoul, his research began to assess critical topics of East Asian urban development and preservation.

Prior to his architectural training, Max Kuo received his BA at UCLA’s Department of Art.   He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Whitney Museum, Independent Studies Program and Red Gate Residency in Beijing. His interdisciplinary art practice explored the cultural polemics of architectural representation, urban constituencies, and uneven global development. This work has taken the form of diverse media which involved collaborations with punk bands, nomadic hypnosis, and other urban critical fictions.



  • America

    By Mark Lee, Julie Cirelli, Jerold S. Kayden, Jennifer Bonner, K. Michael Hays, Michael Meredith, Edward Eigen, Mack Scogin, Max Kuo, Sharon Johnston, Maurice Cox, Rahul Mehrotra, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen, Sean Canty and Michael Van Valkenburgh

    February 2021